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80s Nostalgia

80s Nostalgia
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Photos of glamour, fashion and pop culture of the 80s.
Welcome to the 80s! The happiest decade in the 20th century...

Everything was awesome and sunny in this decade. Sadly, some people have been accusing 80s fashion of being "ugly". As a person who has been known of good taste in fashion I definitely say that 80s fashion wasn't ugly (with excepting few outrageous examples that every era had). Can you for example call the outfits in Valley Girl ugly? Certainly not!

This community is devoted for posting pictures of 1980s glamour, tasteful fashion and pop culture. Let's show off the best of the 80s!

Enjoy! :)

Community Rules
Be civil, no harsh comments or posts against someone in LJ.
Pictures must belong to the 1980s.
This community was created basically fashion pictures. Both male and female pictures are welcome.
80s Icons, graphics, mood themes and banners are also welcome.
Glamour pictures include fashion magazine scans, film celebrities in the 80s, 80s film stills, 80s pinups, etc.
Use a LJ-cut if you you want to post more than one picture.
Please add a topic and tags to each entry.
Hardcore porn is allowed.
Don't post pictures of yourself or friends dressed 80s.
Don't post pictures of current modern celebrities dressed 80s.
Don't post questions, requests or advertisments.
Don't post text-only entries. You may post text to explain or comment the picture you post only.

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